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HAM Radio Projects for Contesting and More



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The first time I heard that HAM radio has existed on this planet was in 1979.

That time I was a university student. A very nice introduction book about HAM radio got into my hands….

Two years later in 1981 I received my first call UL7LBI. The next one was UL7LG as I moved to the first class license and I am VA6AM now.

The primary interest is a contesting part of our hobby, partially equipped by home made devices I’ve made.

My previous calls are UN7LG, UL7LG, UL7LBI (since 1981).

I’ve been VA6AM since 2000.

  • I started my Triplexer and Band-pass filter projects while building my station to be used in SO2R category in 2013.
  • Soon after I’ve published my low power triplexer schematics many asked me to share the design and provide a triplexer PCB board.
  • Later, I challenged myself to build a High Power gears, like Diplexer, Triplexer and Bass-Pass filters.