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Attention to US customers:  Array Solutions starts selling VA6AM Low Power HF Triplexer together with their line of band-pass filters.

All Prices are in US dollars.

High Power Items:       

2000 watt Triplexer and BPFs:

  • All parts rated to 3500 watts of an amplifier output power.
  • 1444-1573 (15″ x 7″ x 3″) or for 5th order filters 1444-1773 (17″ x 7″ x 3″) Hammond enclosures used 

     1500W Set

Please, read all detailed specifications using links from a Band column.  

No Cooling Fans Installed For This Enclosure Type. 

    BPF / Triplexer     Recommended Power      Price per box
10    1500W PEP    $303.00
15-20    1500W PEP    $268.00 (4th order)
15-20    1500W PEP    $303.00 (5th order)
40 – 160    1600W PEP    $335.00 (5th order)
80    1600W PEP    $358.00 (5th order)
HP Triplexer   1500W PEP each Band Port   $469.00

Warranty: 1 year for all parts inside the high power triplexer and BPFs. 

  • UHF Teflon connectors
  • Add $20.00 for 17″ enclosures for Triplexer

Up to 3000 watt Triplexer And BPFs:

  • Recommended power with cooling fans < 3500W ICAS
  • 1411ZU (17″ x 4″ x 5″) Hammond enclosures , 80M band (17″ x 4″ x 10″) 


Please, read all detailed specifications using links from a Band column.

    BPF / Triplexer     Power (50/100 CFM)           Price 
101520    2000W/3000W   $303.00
40   2500W/3000W   $335.00
80   3000W   $358.00
160 LPF   3000W   $335.00
HP Triplexer   4500W/6000W   $469.00
  • Upgrade to 82-100 CFM fan  $21.00 (not applied to 80M , 160M and Triplexer)
  • No fan on BPF or Triplexer deduct $21.00 ($30.00 for 80M BPF)
  • Wall Installation Hardware  $14.00 per box

Warranty: 1 year for all parts inside the high power triplexer and BPFs. 

  • 2.1mm DC power connectors installed (5.5mm OD).
  • UHF Teflon connectors


High Power 40/80M Diplexer :    $331.00  (add   $21.00 for a 50CFM 12 VDC fan)


  • Insertion Loss (IL) < 0.08dB
  • Band Isolation > -35dB for 7.0-7.3 MHz 
  • Band Isolation > -30dB for 3.5-3.8 MHZ  
  • Return Loss (RL) > 30dB
  • 2000 watt ICAS output power no cooling required
  • 3000 watt output power (50 CFM cooling fan recommended)
  • 2.1mm DC power connectors installed.
  • UHF Teflon connectors
  • 1411ZU (17″ x 4″ x 5″) Hammond enclosures used

Warranty: 1 year for all parts inside the Diplexer. 


Low Power Items:

Attention to US customers:   Since April 2018, Array Solutions has started selling VA6AM Low Power Triplexer to US customers.

Low Power Triplexer 1411RU or 1411UU :      $239.00 (add   $6.00 for a 1411UU)

  • 100 watt 100% cycle or 200 watt PEP
  • Enclosure Hammond 1411RU  (8″ x 6″ x 3.5″) is a smaller and lighter box than 1590F.
  • UHF connectors installed on a side of the box.
  • 10″ wide 1411UU box allows having larger distance between band ports to fit 10-15-20 meter BPF boxes. This box used if BPFs box wider than 2.75″
  • Triplexer board V1.06 and above used for these enclosures.
  • The original Micrometals Iron Powder cores and TDK low-dissipation capacitors used.



Assembled  board (Not tuned):                    $145.00

  • Triplexer V1.06 and above fully assembled board 
  • Board is for Hammond 1411RU or 1411UU boxes

Set 003

Triplexer Set:                    $96.00

  • Triplexer board V1.06  and above (1 pcs)
  • Capacitor set (47 pcs)
  • All pre-wound toroids (T130-0 and T130-17) and air coils (11 pcs)

Triplexer Set with enclosure 1411RU:                    $117.00

  • All parts above plus Hammond 1411RU enclosure


New_Board 006.jpg

Triplexer Board V1.06 and above                         $22.50

  • The board size is to fit into 1411RU or 1411UU Hammond enclosure. 
  • One end of air coils soldered directly into UHF connectors.
  • The board size is 6.80″ x 5.60″ (174 x 142 mm).


Set of 47 TDK  3 or 6 kV capacitors                      $22.50 

  • This is a set of all required capacitors to build the triplexer. Every required triplexer capacitance consists of 4 or 5 TDK capacitors. 




3 KW SWR and Power Meter        N/A (special order)

  • Fully assembled
  • High SWR and Power Protection
  • 5 kW Coupler option available.
  • External 12VDC power adapter 2.1mm required.

This unit has a PTT control protection when SWR or Output Power gets above the configured level. It is a nice protection in case any filter/antenna failure or simply when a BPF connected to a wrong band port etc.,

Please read the manual: PowerMonitorIII_v4

You can buy it directly from website below and if you can read Russian there are many other items.

Power Monitor Link