• If you would like to build this triplexer yourself, please contact me for the Triplexer boards and doorknob capacitors.
  • Part values are a little different from 3000W Triplexer version
  • If you would like to build 2000W version by yourself I have created a Builder Guide to help with construction

The project idea is to design and build a Triplexer  for 1500-2000 watt output power which is smaller than the 3000W  version of the Triplexer.

It is almost the same schematics  I used for 3000W version but with some improvements made for some parameters.  Triplexer was built on a PCB board and I can use a single doorknob capacitor where I have to use a couple of them for 3000W version.

3000W version triplexer built using ceramics standoffs and some special plates with at least two doorknob capacitors required to install the plate. With 2000W version it is not a problem and I can use a single doorknob capacitor where a standard capacitor value is the same as calculated.

2000W High Power Triplexer General Specification:

  • Insertion Loss                        < 0.1 dB
  • Band Port Isolation              > 30 dB (see graphs below)
  • Return Loss                             > 26 dB

 Recommended Output Power with antenna VSWR < 1.5

  • 2000W CW/SSB to any band port with one signal at a time (SO2R category)
  • 1500 W to every band port when two bands used the same time (M2 category)
  • 1500W to every band port if all three bands used simultaneously (MM category)
  • Enclosure is 1444-1573 from Hammond
    • Without Fan – 15 x 7″x 3″ (38.5 x 18 x 7.5 cm)
  • 2.1mm DC connector installed to power a cooling fan.

Triplexer build on three boards for each 10, 15 and 20 meter bands.

2000W_Triplexer 004

Each band triplexer leg built on a PCB board and inside the enclosure all boards separated by an aluminum shields. 

Below, is the triplexer before going to a final adjustment stage.

200W_Triplexer 001